vintage VANS black & white logo checkerboard SLIP-ON style #98 fast times at ridgemont high JEFF SPICOLI off the wall MADE IN USA 80's US5

2 words
 one has to hand it to sean penn for his genius piece of product placement of the style #98 in his 1982 film fast times at ridgemont high. what a way for millions of people to be introduced to the brand as iconic stoner jeff spicoli lungs a bowl of chronic & proceeds to bash his skull with said checkerboards!
 vans are heavily indebted to penn for his off the wall shoe of choice having such an influence on the growth & perception of the brand
 n his checkerboards spicoli leaves no turn unstoned, accompanied by 'stoner bud' (stoltz) in his dogtown style #95 no less!
 ....& after they graced the cover of the soundtrack the waffle stomp was complete. the rest is checkered history

vintage vans style #98 slip-on
logo checkerboard
white foxing stripe
made in usa circa 1989
new in box


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