vintage VANS style #36 OLD SKOOL 90s skate MADE IN USA original US10 jazz stripe e2-tone ecru grey white

 there have been a multitude of style #36 colourways over the years. until recently i had only seen the white white old skool as a catalog template but thats the great thing about digging vans originals.... the possibilities were endless & you just never know what will surface next.

 one that got away. ghostly style #36
 salman agah keeping it unreal since day 1 in black on white .style #36!

vintage vans style #36 old skool
grey suede ecru canvas
made in usa circa 1992
used (minor midsole dryness)

super solid structurally, there is minor dryness to the midsole (worst at the toe) & micro-cracking in parts under the foxing stripe. in my experinced opinion i forsee minimal separation between the rubber & uppers at the toe crease over time & should hold up over time. they could go either way however. WEAR AT OWN RISK


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