vintage VANS style #36 OLD SKOOL red suede corduroy MADE IN USA original skate bmx US8.5 rare jazz stripe

 various people perusing the old shop over the years found amusing the lack of uniformity to the sidestripe of original old skools & sk8-hi. I admit, some manifestations are laughable but I thought they were missing the point. in our opinion it is the arbitrary nature of elements wherein the beauty lies. the indicator of handmade craftsmanship.

the sidestripe is inspired by PVDs liking to the exhaust shape of the 1967 shelby cobra but for me conjures thoughts of a wave or ones flowing line through a bowl. but not every wave or line is the same. some waves have a higher crest. some lines a steeper tranny. after all it was originally known as the jazz stripe. is it not the nature of jazz to be polyrhythmic & improvised?

it's the imperfections which make a thing perfect. but the modern sidestripes seem to have lost their kink, that freestyle, that jazz. constrained to template uniformity. observe the flow of this original #style36 factory footage & 1 of tony hallams thrashed efforts & then it is up to you to....


 .... or red?

vintage vans style #36 old skool
red suede/corduroy
made in usa circa 1992


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  1. They look cool. Old is gold and so are these shoes. How old are they and how many pairs do you have in stock?