kt walks away

vintage dunlop KT walker
kinetic traction action
made in australia circa july 10 1977
sizes 8 & 12

a more highly evolved version of the kt we all knew since her 26 days, this model takes KT step by step on her new path through life. her beautiful but once tough exterior has instead softened in time, now in likeness to her warm & comforting inner soul. her lovely eyelets accompany her trademark sharp tongue & in this condition she has a great sense of smell. KT has always been there for me, stride for stride & as KT walks away she will be sorely missed by both size 8 & size 12.


  1. Gad Sir,
    I once owned a pair and they were delightful!
    Had I but known that they would be shortlived in the market I'd have stocked up.
    The KT26 is favourite footware though becoming harder to find. But the Walker was a dressy version and is sadly missed. Bring it baaaack!