vintage DOLOMITE st. moritz 1980's blue suede hiking boots EU43 MADE IN ITALY

vintage dolomite
st. moritz blue suede hiking boots
made in italy circa 1983
new in box

a few years back in that same neglected italian sports shop where i found the infamous step on step i passed up the beast above in favour of his brother. full of regret i went back a year later to find him still there! amongst the commotion, perhaps conjuring multi-lingual skills from a past life, i understood immediately however that there was no right shoe. now i have been known to buy single shoes only, thereby having no conscience holding onto them for my personal stash without any marketability. completely gutted i did not want constant reminder of another 1 that got away so i again passed it up. another 2 years later i passed by only to be compelled by some intagible force to venture back inside where in my broken italian i attempted to re-count the story. the owner then appeared from the basement with said pair in hand!! score! so fellow stock hunters trust yo instincts, & when you can smell a motherload, be sure to follow your knows!

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